Located in the South Austin / Manchaca area off of 1626 and Lowden Ln, our 7200 square foot facility contains a full-size indoor basketball court with 6 adjustable hoops, strength and conditioning equipment, restrooms, and outdoor training space.


Group Training

Small group (semiprivate) strength and conditioning classes designed to help you on your personal health and fitness journey. Beginning with a fitness assessment to gather data to ensure you’re making progress and check for physical limitations that might lead to injuries; then followed by a nutrition consultation to maximize body composition goals. Clients will then have a personalized program designed for them that they can utilize one workout at a time to lead them on the path to results.

Basketball Skills Classes

At Home Court our mission is to teach players the fundamentals of the game of basketball and instill a work ethic and knowledge of the game that allows players to reach their potential. To that end, we offer daily onehour classes divided up by ages and skill levels. We have friendly and positive coaches who are experienced, energetic, disciplined, and love working with kids.

Athlete Development

Want to get faster, quicker, stronger, or bullet proof your body against injuries? We offer daily strength and conditioning classes for athletes of all sports with an emphasis on reducing the potential for injuries while increasing speed, agility, quickness, and force production. Whether you’re brand new to training or trying to get to the next level in your sport our training staff can help you get to where you want to go.

Basketball Camps and Clinics

At Home Court Training Center we have basketball camps throughout the year to help players of all ages and skill levels. All of our camps are coed and our coaching staff covers all aspects of the game with drills that are challenging yet fun and competitive.

Basketball Leagues

Here at Home Court Training Center we have multiple basketball leagues, for youth ball players as well as adults, that we host throughout the year. They are all 5on5, coed, and include a jersey, one practice, and one game per week on Saturdays for 68 weeks depending on the time of year. The leagues culminate with a champion for each division and trophies for the winning teams!

One-on-One Training

Looking for more 1v1 attention? We have multiple coaches and trainers that are available throughout the week to help athletes reach their potential with workouts that fit their skill level. Whether they’re brand new to the game, rehabbing or preventing injuries, or in need of individualized attention to level up, we have you covered. Contact us for more information and let’s go to work.

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12701 Lowden Lane, Building 4,
Manchaca, TX 78652
(512) 284-8149

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