Should I sign up for an assessment with a trainer before I start training?

Home Court Training Center offers each client a free health and fitness assessment to fully understand the needs of everyone that joins our training groups. 

This is not a mandatory step that each client should take before training with us, it is completely optional, but it will help educate the client AND the training staff to the individual needs of members so that we can tailor each workout to best fit each client. 

Assessments usually last one hour and include goal setting, a review of previous injuries or limitations, measurements, a Functional Movement Screen (FMS), gait analysis, and flexibility tests.

This is a great way for new clients or clients currently dealing with an injury or pain to make sure you’re working out the right way.  If you’re interested please contact us to schedule your assessment.

Do you have personal (1-on-1) training?

Absolutely.  Our goal is to give each client the attention they need to complete their programs correctly, safely, and at the right intensity.  If, for any reason, that requires more attention, one of our trainers would be happy to work with you 1-on-1. Contact us for more information.

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