How does Home Court Training Center work?

  • Broadly speaking HCTC has two sides to the business.  The Basketball side and the Training side.
    1. The Basketball side can be further broken down into recurring daily skill development classes for all ages and skill levels, the open court (pick-up games and/or get shots up by yourself), charity tournaments, week-long camps, and seasonal leagues held throughout the year.
    2. The Training side can be broken into Athlete Development classes for our more athletic populations, Group Training classes for our clients with different fitness levels or goals, and Personal Training for clients that need more individual coaching.
  • You can sign up for recurring monthly class memberships or purchase sessions as you go.
  • You can also sign up for an Open Court membership and simply use the facility to play pick-up basketball during our Open Court times
  • When purchased, sessions are added to the member’s account and deducted each visit.
  • Family memberships are available and linkable so that tracking sessions are easy for the whole family.